Riding in lightness, balance & harmony.

What is French Classical Dressage?
he French schools hallmark is lightness, balance & harmony. Where the horse works with minimum effort in response to the mildest of aids. Seeking lightness through a delicate wielding of the aids meant at leaving the horse as soon and as often as possible in self carriage.

Main Ideas
"Riding in Lightness"
-Riders classical position "like a centaur"
- Separation of aids "Hands without legs, legs without hands"
-Release of the aids/self carriage "liberty on parole"
-Moderation of the aids
-Relaxation of the jaw

What is Classical Dressage?
Classical Dressage training always stresses the well being of the horse. It works without fear, force or gadgets. It is about listening to the horse, opening the lines of communication between horse and rider and being aware that every movement the rider makes means something to the horse. The responsibility lies with the rider to make things comfortable for the horse and help him understand the aids. Classical riding is foremost about a seat that is balanced, deep and feeling. Classical Dressage training is gymnastic training that preserves, prolongs and some times restores soundness of the horse. Classical Dressage is about making the horse safe, comfortable, maneuverable, reliable and sound and its principle can be applied to any horse and any discipline. Throughout a horses’ career, focus always rests on the fine tuning of the basics in order to improve the quality of the natural gaits.
What is the Art of Classical Dressage? Classical Dressage becomes an art when horse and rider are in harmony. Equestrian art is not determined by degree of difficulty but by the degree of harmony between horse and rider and their visible expression. The rider is working with the horse not against the horse.

Why should you try French Classical Dressage?
- No forceful aids
-Easier for horses to understand
-Horse not driven forward in to a restricting hand.
-You don't need an expensive horse.
-It will help all horses.
Why do I do French Classical Dressage?
I have always believed dressage would help any horse but the only instructors I could find kept telling me more and more forward, more contact(contact should be 5-10lbs), poll lower etc.. the German style of dressage. Then why when I followed there instructions did my horses gaits becoming totally ruined and why were my horses so unhappy? That was my light bulb moment there has to be another way. That other way is French Classical Dressage. I now have happy horses with wonderful gaits no matter what their breed, conformation or price. It has also helped me retrain many so called ruined horses that force full training was used on like draw reins and rollkur.

Art of Classical Dressage